• Heat Treatment

  • The best bed bug treatment providers use heat treatment. Using specialized equipment they heat the entire infested area to lethal temperatures to kill all stages of bed bug life. When performed correctly, heat treatment kills 99% of adult bed bugs and their eggs without damaging belongings.

  • 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • We are one of the Google recommend company that provide excellent customer service. This high level of service leads to help our customers since 2011. (For reference click here)

  • Bed Bug Inspection
  • Inspection is important prior to treatment to confirm presence of bed bugs and provide a proper treatment recommendation. We guarantee a safe, effective and professional job every time.With the help of highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.

  • Bed Bug Warranty
  • We provide a warranty with three months. If the bed bugs reappear for any reason during the warranty period, then you can receive up to the level of service you purchased. Give us one day in advanced notice one of our exterminator scheduled visits, he'll come back at no extra charge. And if Gulfstar exterminator's unable to solve your bed bug problem, we'll refund 50% of the payment as long as you're a current Gulfstar customer. "Post the 3rd week you will see visible results. The single service comes with a 3 month warranty so you are certain of getting rid of bugs, within the contracted period our trained technicians will resolve your complaints at no extra charge".

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